Enjoy a Beautiful Lawn in Concord, NC

Discover why locals trust us for lawn care service

With a variety of parks and greenways to choose from, it's not hard to experience the great outdoors in Concord, North Carolina. You can even enjoy it from the comfort of your own property. Jay's Lawn Care offers professional lawn care services to residents of the Concord, NC area and can keep your lawn in tiptop shape. You can keep your yard as beautiful as the local parks without lifting a finger.

Call 704-918-0555 today to find out more about our work. As someone who was born and raised in Concord, our lead landscaper takes pride in serving his community. You can trust him to provide exceptional service at a fair price.

Count on us for all kinds of landscaping work

Creating a lush, thriving landscape involves more than just mowing the grass. Fortunately, Jay's Lawn Care provides a variety of lawn care services in Concord, NC, including:

  • Planting bushes, plants and trees to redesign your yard
  • Mowing and edging grass, trimming bushes and cleaning up debris
  • Adding mulch and aerating the lawn to keep your plants healthy

If you want to keep your entire exterior sparkling, we also provide pressure washing services. Contact our landscaper at 704-918-0555 to make an appointment.